My experience with crappy content

Tired of crappy content? I feel you.

A couple of years ago, I thought it was a brilliant idea to create two blogs simultaneously. My creative juices were flowing like droppings of sweet poppy syrup.

But then I hit a snag. I just couldn’t continue publishing content on the two blogs concurrently. I had burned out. I needed help. I needed to hire a freelance writer.

I tried freelance market places, content mills, Craigslist, and Twitter. Even though I eventually found a good writer, I was amazed at how hard I had to look.

I made a mental note to start offering my writing services as soon as I had the time.

And a couple of years later, I am here to solve your content needs.

Sure, you can buy crappy content from a content mill, or spend hours on end scouring the freelance market places for a great writer…

Or you can just hire me and save time and money 🙂

Head over to the hire me page to see my services